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When your vehicle has been damaged in a collision the last thing you need is more hassle. Even a relatively minor auto body dent, ding or scrape can reduce the value of your vehicle and mar its appearance.

Because we take auto body repairs very seriously and treat your vehicle like our own. And no other shop cares about you and your damaged vehicle more than we do.

Painting of a car is quite labour-intensive and what is not unimportantly it requires a specialist of high professional skill, the painting includes the broad range of sequential operations which enable to as much as quality restore the factory paintwork of a car.

Applying to us at Body Shop AutoCareLux with a request to professionally paint a car, we offer a broad range of services with use of state-of-the-art technologies and paintwork materials of the highest possible standard.

We perform the necessary computer-aided selection of paint hues; this procedure enables to select the formulation of the paint preparation for your car with the greatest possible extent of precision.

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Local painting of carbody

Types of local repair of a car:

  • Painting of carbody elements.
  • Painting of vehicle roofing;
  • Painting of hood;
  • Painting of splash board;
  • Painting of door;
  • Express Repair
  • Frame Straightening
  • Fender Repair
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Paint Jobs

We guarantee that as a result of our local painting the edges between the previous and the new coating would become invisible as much as of 98% and you would save not only your time but your funds for painting of the adjacent details as well. 

As a rule a Body Shop of low professional qualification repaint the adjacent carbody details resulting in additional expenses for a customer!

Local painting advantages:

  • Minimal repair area.
  • Details under repair need not to be dismantled.
  • Factory installation and joints corrosion treatment are kept.
  • Time-saving as against the conventional repair.
  • Saving of funds.

Attention! During preparation of a car for repair it is only the damage (scratches, dents) location and small area around it which is treated, unlike conventional repair methods when all the detail surface is polished and the ENTIRE DETAIL is repainted, i.e. after the detail repair under local painting technology the factory paintwork is maintained to the greatest possible extent.


Complete painting of a carbody

With complete painting of a carbody AutoCareLux`s specialist can impart your car with unique character and completely restore its exterior appearance which can match the factory painting as close as 99%.

Our work is featured by very high quality and professional approach, therefore this type of work is covered by obligatory LIFETIME WARRANTY guarantee. With professionally completed painting of the carbody or carbody`s parts by AutoCareLux`s specialists your car paint would not shell or flake off. 

Such defects as shelling, flaking the paint off a carbody, blushing of a painted detail, wrinkling of paint mean the repair is of low quality and serious violation of a carbody painting processing procedure.

Natural influence on a carbody cannot result in such defects!

Dealing with us your car would be protected from occurrence of «such defects». When performing the work AutoCareLux`s specialist adheres to entire technological process required manufacturer factory.

With your intention to cardinally change your vehicle colour, renew it or select the best colour scheme please apply to our Body Shop AutoCareLux, we would be glad assisting you to solve these problems.



Final price is to be negotiated on the spot.

We make quality repairs after car accident Repair - Example of our work

Car painting of high quality – it is your splendent car for many years to follow.

Body Shop AutoCareLux – with reasonable prices and professional work!

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