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Auto Body Deep Detailing Polishing Machine Buff

CAR DETAILING SERVING - Car body polishing

Due to time factor, weather and sun beams the car upper layer of varnish begins to deteriorate, get covered with small cracks, imperceptible to the eye, and becomes blurred; frequent washing leads to appearance of webs and holograms. There appear multiple abrasion spots and small webs on the paint surface, left after wiping dry; tiny chuckstones flying off the wheels of the cars in front leave not only chips but also deep scratches.

Car polishing permits to remove carefully the upper varnish layer, take away small inconspicuous cracks from the paintwork coating, remove turbidity, abrasion spots and scratches; return to the varnish smoothness and shine of the initial car. As a result of polishing paintwork hair cracks and scratches are removed; the surface is reliably covered with protective layer, filling up smallest irregularities and paint “pores”, preserving not only shine but prolonging paintwork life.

Your car will look like a brand new one!

Many customers ask: “Is polishing harmful to the varnish applied to the car?”

The answer is univocal: no! Car varnish thickness is approximately from 40 to 80 microns. An experienced polisher will remove not more than (!!) 5-8 microns of varnish. Moreover, after polishing a special protective polymer is applied to the car, which will protect the varnish of your car and give it effective shine.

Materials that we apply for polishing car body are of high quality and designed for professional use.

Materials of world brands are most effective for polishing both fresh and old HS-paints. Quick and efficient treatment of the surface, removing tiny nicks, adding shine, high level of shine – this just starts the list of advantages of quality polishing pastes as compared to cheaper counterparts. New highly effective abrasive pastes provide for quality removal of nicks and scratches, perfect shine, clear appearance after completion of polishing. It all is achieved due to  improved structure of mineral and linking oils, high homogeneity of particles, paste “transparence” which permits to see tiny nicks, at that, lowering the risk of pseudo shine and “return of scratches”. 

Polishing is carried out in several stages:

First 3M abrasive pastes are used to remove deep scratches, abrasion spots and blurred spaces. Then a number of soft finishing pastes are applied to remove from the varnish tiny scratches, provide effective shine and newness. After that anti-hologram and protective layers are applied.

Inexperienced specialists are often just not familiar with all stages to be implemented in the course of car polishing. Results of unprofessional polishing may be very lamentable: at best there are holograms and blotchiness, at the worst – repainting of parts.

It should be noted that if car body polishing is performed with poor quality and without observation of its stages, car varnish layer may be easily damaged. During body polishing it is necessary to know rotating speed of polishing machine permissible for treating one or another part; same conditions apply to the car make – depending on rigidity of varnish, applied by the manufacturer at the plant, there should be selected proper rotating speed of polishing machine to achieve desired result.

Exterior deep polishing detailing services  includes

  • Premium Hand Wash Outside
  • Clay Bar application (a process in which we remove oxidation and impurities on the paintwork of your vehicle using a specialized clay bar made specifically for auto paint) to the entire surface of the paint.
  • Minor Scratch Removal
  • Paint Corrections
  • Overspray removal
  • Three Stage Compound & Polish paint with buffer machine
  • Stage 1: Machine applied rubbing compound specially formulated for car paint using a 40 ppi buff pad
  • Stage 2: Machine applied rubbing compound using a 60 ppi buff pad
  • Stage: Machine Applied sealant wax using a 100 ppi buff pad.
  • Premium Hand Wash Outside
  • Two Stage Carnauba Premium WAX to entire surface of the paint body car.

Pricing for Cars and SUVs:

$155.00 – COMPACT
$190.00 – STANDART
$240.00 – FULL SIZE
$300.00 – LARGE SIZE


Final price is to be negotiated on the spot !!!

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This work types may be performed by Auto Care Lux at customer’s home.

Why just AutoCar Luxe?

So, polishing is the process requiring professional approach. To carry out this procedure it is necessary to have great experience and special knowledge. We select materials and pastes for polishing individually for each car so that the final result could exceed all your expectations!

Polishing of car body is performed by our specialists ONLY with professional equipment and materials.

Manual washing of car body before and after polishing with our equipment – FREE OF CHARGE!

Cleaning of car body from bitumen and foreign inclusions – FREE OF CHARGE!

Retouching (if we have the same paint color in the presence of) of chips and scratches shall be performed by us FREE OF CHARGE!

Cost of service may vary and be increased depending on the car condition and complexity of works performance


Come to us! Work of our specialists who are professionals at their job, and use individual approach to each customer and our prices will a pleasant surprise for you.


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