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Car pre-sale preparation

A buyer, choosing a car for himself, in the first place pays attention to its outward appearance. Sometimes he may even see what the seller has not known. For example, during repeated car sale already not to the first buyer, the last buyer may find in the car places, subjected to repair by the car first owner.  This is the result of repair carried out with poor quality. It will be better if we find these places and adjust them rather than the buyer of your car discovers them.

We offer the service which will be of interest not to the car buyer but to the car seller. This is pre-sale preparation of a secondhand car. We use the words “secondhand” car because pre-sale preparation of a new car means control and adjustment to the norm of its technical condition but pre-sale preparation of a car with mileage is bringing it to a marketable state.

So, all what comes below shall refer only to the secondhand cars.

Pre-sale preparation of your car is rather effective method of raising its price. Such preparation will significantly increase chances that your car will be bought by a potential buyer much quicker.

In the course of pre-sale preparation we can offer to undergo the following procedures: car body polishing, restoration and painting of headlamps and stop tail lamps, full-scale deep dry cleaning of the car entire interior, washing of the engine compartment and if necessary local painting, removal of dents without car part painting, retouching of chips and scratches.

It is preferable to entrust performance of pre-sale preparation of your car to true professionals, possessing required professional equipment and skills.

Turn to us! We are true professionals at our job! We give warranty for all performed work.

Cost of service “pre-sale preparation” is always individual and will be determined during evaluation: it will depend on your car condition, amount and nature of performed work.


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This work types may be performed by Auto Care Lux at customer’s home.

In the course of carrying out works we provide:

Manual washing of car body with use of professional equipment – FREE OF CHARGE!

Cleaning of car body from bitumen and foreign inclusions – FREE OF CHARGE!

Repair evaluation is carried out FREE OF CHARGE!

Free Diagnostic Scan

Final price is to be negotiated on the spot.

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