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Diagnostics of car body


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Diagnostics of car body is an important stage in car purchase. As car body is one of the most principal parts of the car its condition determines car operation qualities, safety of the driver and passengers. 

Needless to say that the car which has suffered from a serious motoring accident has a deformed car body geometry and also, as practice shows, in California parts are often not straighten but instead irregularities are covered with car hard putty, and sometimes such repair resembles sculpturing – restoration of the part visual shape with putty thickness reaching at times 15-20 mm, which leads to falling off of all that putty within 1 year and maybe earlier.

Sellers carefully keep quiet about such repair but poorly restored car body constitutes a serious danger for the passengers and driver.

Poor quality welding and unprofessional planishing of car body panels leads to decrease of safety of the driver and passengers by dozens of times in case of possible road traffic accident and may result in lethal outcome for the driver and passengers.

Therefore, thorough diagnostics of the car body prior to purchase is an obligatory procedure permitting to avoid deception, discover hidden defects, test the car for “crashworthness” and determine car body damages.

Turning to us, you may count on highly qualified assistance. Instead of by eye evaluation, like it is done by your garage neighbor, our specialists in short time with use of special instruments will issue a sound conclusion.

At that, to perform diagnostics before purchase it will be possible to call our specialist to your place.

Specialists of our company use high accuracy instruments for diagnostics of the car body. Thus, instruments, measuring exact paint coating thickness, permit to determine car body condition, possible geometry deformation, to check integrity of paint coating, to determine traces of shocks, welds, presence of large quantity of putty with 100% accuracy.

Main stages of the car body check:

  • geometry body;
  • repainted elements;
  • joints of parts;
  • clearance of body parts;
  • spar, bearing metal parts;
  • presence of putty, base coat and welding;
  • integrity of paint coating;
  • deformation of body geometry;
  • presence of hidden defects and traces of body and paint coating repair.
  • In case of body repainting, our specialist will determine body paintwork quality and possibly pending problems related to poor quality painting.
  • Computer engine diagnostics, automatic transmission, airbags, air conditioning and heating systems, brake systems, systems and electronic control units.
  • Inspection of components and assemblies to mechanical damage and leakage of operating fluids (oil, power steering, anti-freeze).
  • Reality Check mileage specified in the sale.
  • Checking the authenticity of identification marking: VIN, stand number or frame labels attached.
  • Check duplicate hidden markings.

This work types may be performed by Auto Care Lux at customer’s home.

As can be seen, professional car body diagnostics helps avoid deception on the seller’s part, and car inspection by our specialists will help you to detect hidden defects and facts of repair after occurrence of road accident as well as permit you to be released from the stress and unforeseen costs after car purchase. 

Carrying out diagnostics of the car body prior to purchase is necessary for taking final decision as to buying the desired car, and car body inspection will permit to negotiate with the seller as based on detected shortcomings – hidden defects – with regard to lowering car price, and such price reduction – discount – normally will cover all car repair costs and expenses on diagnostics and car inspection by our specialist!


Carrying out car diagnostics before purchase is a guarantee of successful car acquisition!

There is no point in economizing on car inspection prior to purchase.


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