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Modern cars have headlamps with plastic light diffusers. As a rule, already after one year of car operation the surface of headlamps shows chips due to road dirt, chuckstones, and under impact of sun beams the headlamp gets yellowish shade. The headlamps become blurred and car outward appearance loses its attractiveness. But what’s more important the headlamps optical properties deteriorate with their light becoming dim, blurred and scattered. Such headlamps blind the drivers of oncoming vehicles.

Procedure of headlamps renewal permits to restore transparency of the headlamps and in such manner to improve light quality on the road and consequently to raise your safety on the road and safety of other drivers!

Polishing of headlamps may be done in 2 ways:

1) with use of abrasive materials  & Machine Buff Method (short-lived 6-8 months).

2) application of high hardness VARNISH (clear coat) provides an ideal coating for the headlamps and as consequence protection against scratches and chips; the applied varnish is resistant to ultraviolet rays and weather, which will release you from further turbidity and yellowing of the headlamps (replicates factory quality, 3 years warranty for service quality).

After polishing, the headlamp instead of being yellow, blurred and wiped out becomes practically new.  And what’s more important, focus control of light beam will be restored.

Thus, after renewal of the headlamps of your car you will not only give it appearance of a new one but you will raise your own safety on the road and safety of other drivers.

Our specialists will perform renewal of the headlamps of your car within very short period of time. You may rest assured of high quality of our services.

If the second method is elected for renewal of the headlamps by application of high hardness varnish, the customer at will may chose option of headlamp color change (varnish toning) to any color, and headlamps may as version be slightly darker than shown in the photo.


Our technicians are trained to restore headlights to their former brightness, often in the span of just a few hours.

Headlight restoration is one of many exterior repairs that Auto Care Lux can perform.


Price with use of abrasive materials – polishing (Three Stage Compound) $60 for both headlights 

(6 months warranty for service quality).


Price painting application of high hardness VARNISH (clear coat) $70 for both headlights 

(1.5 year warranty for service quality).

Final price will be discussed on the spot.

Headlight,Restoration,Ppainting,HAYWARD,FREMONT,SAN JOSE Headlight,Restoration,Ppainting,HAYWARD,FREMONT,SAN JOSE

Headlight,Restoration,Ppainting,HAYWARD,FREMONT,SAN JOSE Headlight,Restoration,Ppainting,High,HAYWARD,FREMONT,SAN JOSE

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