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Hydrophobial protection of the interior


In the course of use (spilled liquid, dried up stains, worn out surface, spots from clothes, dust, splashes) the car interior deteriorates, loses its attractiveness and comfort. This could be avoided by treating the car interior with special protective compounds. During such treatment a transparent, imperceptible film is formed to retain any liquids, to hold back dirt grains, to not let unpleasant smells to burn into the car interior.

Hydrophobial type protective agents are absolutely harmless for both man and environment. They are inoffensive for people susceptible to allergic reactions, children and pets.

Textile is the most widespread material, used by manufacturers for the car interior. It is good for many reasons: soft, pleasant to touch and wearproof. However, textile preserves these qualities until some liquid is spilled on it. Penetrating the fabric fibers, it infiltrates considerably deep inside the seat, leaving an ugly stain on the surface. This may happen at any instant, when you or your companion does not fix properly in the holder an open can of fizzy drink or your child fails to hold a cup of juice. Hydrophobial coating for fabric forms a very thin invisible layer around each textile fiber, which permits the material to repel any liquids, dirt, dust and oily substances. Incidentally spilled tea, coffee, juices and jam do not permeate the material but remain on its surface, after which may be easily removed with a napkin.

Leather is a very superb material, having its unique charm. And it is most effective when the car leaves automobile dealership. Unfortunately this effect will be rather quickly lost in the course of car operation. Dust inside the car interior fills minute cracks on leather surface, making it look dirty and rough by touch; permanent drops of temperature and humidity destroy that luxurious appearance inherent to the leather interior. Of course, such cover needs care and impregnation with effective agents. Modern compositions of such professional agents permit not only to maintain proper appearance but provide real protection, barring impact of all the above unpleasant factors and preserving original leather.

The car interior surface is recommended to be treated with such special professional compositions one – two times a year. In this manner you will extend the new condition of your car interior for a very long time.



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