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Paint Chip Repair

Removal of scratches and repair of chips on the car body without painting.

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Removal of scratches and repair of chips on cars

The car body has two functions: to provide safety and comfort. However, the car body may become damaged not only due to meeting a road accident but in the course of normal operation. Up to 50% of cars have minor damages: scratches on the body, worn out spots, chips from chuckstones on cowling, deformations and cracks, which significantly deteriorate the car appearance and require body repair and painting. Car body repair may be conventionally subdivided into two groups: local body repair (or minor body repair) and complex repair.

Car body local repair includes the following types of works:

  • removal, repair and painting  of scratches and abrasions;
  • repair of dents without painting, marks from hail;
  • removal of chips, repair and painting of chips.

Methods of car body local repair, applied by AutoCareLux specialists permit to repair scratches on the body, abrasions, remove chips within very short period and with minimal expenses for you.

Main advantages of local repair:

  • Minimal repair time and economy of means.
  • Maximal possible preservation of original ex-works paintwork due to special local repair process.
  • The part will not be repainted and accordingly car selling price on the whole will not be altered.
  • All works are carried out without the part disassembly – by so doing there will not be impaired tightness of welds, bolt joints and anti-corrosion layers, applied during car manufacture.

Removal of scratches on car splash board, cowling, bumper or door will not require disassembly of parts, rebar placement and complete painting of the entire body part. Painting of scratches is carried out in such cases with use of process of the car paintwork local repair. Local repair has its technical nuances to which AutoCareLux specialist pays attention during car inspection.

Our specialists carry our repair only within damaged area: only in the area of paint scratch or chip, at that, preserving manufacturer’s paint on the principal part surface, making inconspicuous repair space even for a professional. One of the main tasks of AutoCareLux in paintwork repair is selection of exact color. It is necessary not only to select coating similar to the basic one but to take into consideration change of enamel color due to ageing during car operation under varying climatic conditions.

Scratches on the car body may be conventionally classified according to the following signs:

  • Scratches not affecting base paint layer – repair of scratches in that case will be confined to polishing
  • Small scratches, chips, abrasions involving damage (base coat or metal can be seen) of paintwork, with removal of such scratches being performed by their local repair method and  local painting;
  • In case of deep scratches, chips, affecting not only paintwork layer but metal, repair of such damages will be more complicated. If scratch or chip area is small and its location permits, for example, on a cowling or splash board, then local painting may be sufficient. But if the scratch or abrasion occupies more than 50% of entire area (throughout the door or splash board), or chip is large enough and located on the cowling (in its central part, extending to stiffening ribs) then in such situation it will be necessary to repaint the entire part.
  • Old scratches, chips with rust touch and corrosion. In removal of such scratches and repair of chips, the place should be cleaned to bare metal, sometimes with use of rust solvent.

This work types may be performed by Auto Care Lux at customer’s home.

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