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Paint Dent Removed

Paint Dent Removed PDR

Sometimes the car body shows small dents resulting from exterior factors of the car operation.

That’s the way it looks.

After correction by Auto Care Lux specialists of such small, at first glance, defects, your car will look much more attractive, and if you are going to sell that car, you will be able to sell it at higher price than other same cars because it will look by far more attractive.

Our specialists use advanced repair processes of Paint Dent Removed. Technicians are capable of removing great number of various chips on the car body without polishing and repainting of the car part. 

After repair you will get 95% absolutely even surface.

Correction of chips on the car body is one of many exterior repair work types that may be performed by Auto Care Lux at customer’s home.

Our specialists use most advanced solutions for performance of repair.

Auto Care Lux performs full range of interior and exterior repair works for your car. 

This work types may be performed by Auto Care Lux at customer’s home.

Final price is to be negotiated on the spot.

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